Access and admission request

The access and admission procedure, step by step
If you already meet the requirements to access doctoral studies, you need to complete the access and admission procedure. How to apply.
  • Open the application for access and admission to doctoral studies. You can access the application from the catalogue of the UB's electronic office or from the web page of the doctoral programme.
  • The electronic office and the programme file will indicate whether the admission period for your chosen programme is open.
  • Select the doctoral programme and start the application.

If you have already studied at the UB, log in to the application with your user name and password. If you don't remember them, you can recover the user name of password.

If you don't have log-in details, you must register with your basic details: DNI, NIE or passport, name and surname(s), date and birth.

To continue, enter your email address. You will receive a message in your inbox to continue with the request, which you must confirm in order to proceed.

Agree to the data protection policy.

You can now continue to complete the request. You can save your information at any time and continue later.

  • Indicate the qualifications obtained and the issuing universities. Indicate the qualifications you have obtained and the issuing universities.
  • Research line.
  • Full time/part time: Full time or part time.
  • Indicate any other details required, depending on the doctoral programme: suggested supervisor(s), tutor(s), research group, place where you plan to conduct the research, etc.

Details of the suggested supervisor and place for the research are optional. The Academic Committee may accept the proposal or suggest an alternative.

If you suggest a supervisor from outside the UB, you should first contact the programme coordinator to confirm that they will be eligible.

  • Academic certificate indicating the grades obtained for the bachelor's degree used for the purpose of admission to the doctoral programme, including the gradepoint average. 
  • Degree certificate for the bachelor's degree used for the purpose of admission.
  • Academic certificate indicating the grades obtained for the master's degree used for the purpose of admission to the doctoral programme, including the gradepoint average.
  • Master's degree to be used for admission to the doctoral programme.
  • DNI, Passport or ID 

Important: these documents must be official and, if issued outside Spain, they must be translated and legalized.

Attach to the request all other documents specifically required for the doctoral programme in question. Check the requirements for your doctoral programme. The documents will be listed in the application. You can also attach any comments you wish to make.

Once you have completed the request and attached the necessary documents, you need to register the request. It will be automatically registered in the General Registry of the University, at which point the request is officially validated.

If you do not register your request before the stated deadline, it will be automatically removed from the Registry.

You can check the status of your request at any time by accessing the application.

If the Secretary's Office or the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme detect that documentation is missing, you will receive a request to attach it. To do so, access the application and add the outstanding documentation within the period indicated.

If all of the documents are correctly submitted, you will receive a notification indicating whether you have been admitted to the programme, digitally signed by the programme coordinator.

If you have not been admitted, you are entitled to appeal.


You will then be asked to register the access request. If you have a foreign qualification, you will have to pay a fee for your request to be assessed.

The request will be registered.

Remember that if the documentation is not digitally signed, you will have to submit the original documents (depending on whether you have a Spanish degree or a foreign degree).

If a document is missing, you will be sent a reminder.

Finally, you will receive a notification indicating whether your request has been approved, signed by the Dean of the faculty.

You can now proceed to the enrolment stage.

Before enrolling, you must sign and submit the commitment agreement to the Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff. It must also be signed by the thesis supervisor and tutor. Once you have submitted the agreement, you can complete the enrolment process.

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