Knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship

We connect with companies to transfer our knowledge into society and encourage entrepreneurial spirit among our graduates.
We are experts, and we want to use our expertise to help companies advance innovation. In 2021, we carried out more than 560 knowledge transfer projects with a combined value in excess of 24 million euros. The UB community is an entrepreneurial collective that actively promotes the creation of spin-offs and start-ups, harnessing the knowledge generated at the University. To this end, the UB supports you by providing advice and the necessary training to bring research results and innovative ideas to the business world. Sponsorship is one way to help the University preserve its heritage and carry out social and research projects
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We are leaders in transfer, and we use our facilities to build a network of excellence in R&D and innovation.
We facilitate contact between research groups from all fields and companies seeking to enhance their products and services through the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation team. At our scientific and technological facilities (some of which are unique in all Spain), highly qualified technical staff from the Science and Technology Centres provide research support and work on technology transfer. We are a benchmark ecosystem for all Europe in research and innovation specialized in biosciences, with more than 100,000 sq m of facilities at the Barcelona Science Park.


We help transform the UB community’s innovative ideas into new projects and start-ups.
We encourage our students, teaching staff and administrative staff to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, providing specific support and training for innovation. We support them throughout the process, promoting training in cross-disciplinary and entrepreneurial skills, driving the generation of ideas and helping them establish their businesses in the market. We operate incubators where innovative projects can grow before reaching society. All projects include UB values, such as equality and sustainability.
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Commitment to talent

We are a pole of talent attraction; students, leading researchers and administrative and service staff have chosen to come to the UB.
We are the Catalan university to receive the most first-choice applications. The number of students enrolling at the UB with outstanding transcripts is growing year after year. Our teaching staff receive prestigious accolades from academic institutions and bodies. Our researchers’ results and achievements make us the leading Spanish university in the foremost international rankings. Many of these researchers are recipients of European Research Council (ERC) grants, who have chosen the UB as their host institution to carry out research and supplement their training.

UB Sponsors

Thanks to the individual collaboration of companies and organizations, we can carry out solidarity initiatives and student support and research projects.
Anyone can collaborate with the University by means of crowdfunding, bequests or major donations. We have an extensive selection of solidarity initiatives and research and heritage recovery projects to which people can contribute via crowdfunding. Companies can also participate by sponsoring chairs and minor chairs that help drive research and advanced training for professionals in highly specialized, cutting-edge fields.
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