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We are a community of more than eight thousand staff and an institution with a strong social and civic commitment.
We are a leading public university that is dedicated to excellence and welcomes people and talent. We strive to make the world a better place through education, research and innovation. Founded in 1450, the UB is deeply Catalan, but also open to the whole world. We have a long tradition of modernity and commitment to serving the community and are a driver of research, innovation and knowledge transfer. We make a decisive contribution to social progress, training future generations of professionals and overseeing research that translates to knowledge and cutting-edge technology for companies and institutions.
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Work at the UB

Form part of the UB community and contribute to strengthening our role in society

If you would like to strengthen the University’s role as a place for science and culture in society, there are many ways you can contribute. Whether as a teacher or researcher or

part of the administrative and service staff, at the UB, you will join a community that takes care of people and places them squarely at the centre of its management. Participate in our open recruitment processes for vacant positions or open selection processes for teaching staff to become a part of it.


Work with us and help strengthen the UB's role in society
Become a galvanizing force for culture and research by sponsoring one of the many projects we have underway, whether by crowdfunding one of our campaigns or making a bequest or major donation. The UB builds spaces for collaboration and excellence with all kinds of companies and organizations through agreements, partnerships and cutting-edge research projects in many fields of science and biomedicine.
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Take part
Become an agent for change agent by collaborating with organizations that participate in socially impactful projects.
We are a university committed to society. We actively promote the UB community’s participation in various non-profit organizations that lead or participate in a wide variety of local and international solidarity-driven projects. Our student and alumni associations play an active role in the UB community, contributing to our efforts to meet the major challenges of today's society.

Services for companies and organizations

We place our multidisciplinary research capabilities and heritage at the service of organizations from all sectors.
Creating value means achieving excellence in research, training good professionals and playing a very active role in knowledge transfer to any economic sector or entrepreneurial activity. We offer companies and institutions a selection of customized lifelong learning opportunities to facilitate the transfer of knowledge generated by our research staff, solutions for generating market value, and job-placement and career-guidance services.
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