The UB

We are a public university, offering quality education and research and engaging with society.

We provide the widest course offering of any university in Spain and are national leaders in research, thanks to a standing commitment to quality. This status is reflected in the foremost international rankings and is reflected in the extensive transfer activities that channel our results into society.

We are a community of almost one hundred thousand people with a body of shared values: liberty, democracy, justice, equality and solidarity, and a commitment to social responsibility and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Alongside our close historical ties with the city of Barcelona and with Catalonia as a whole, we are a global university with a presence around the world and contributors to the European universities initiative

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UB in figures

For the academic year 2022-2023, 18,802 students chose the UB as their first option. The demand ratio for places is 1.7
We are a large and growing community. Thanks to our extensive course offering we teach more than 76,000 students each year. We have a team of almost 6,200 teachers and researchers who, together with some 2,400 administrative and service staff, accompany you through the different stages of your university studies. These are the most notable figures that summarize our academic, research, transfer and internationalization activities over the last academic year.

Commitment to society

We are a socially responsible institution that cares for its community. We strive to make ongoing improvements to our social impact and to reduce our environmental footprint.
We are committed to pursuing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and have integrated them into every area of our activity as we work towards achieving the aims of the 2030 Agenda .The commitment to society is one of our university's core missions and guides our efforts to address many of today's global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, wealth distribution, peace and justice.

UB campuses

Barcelona is our main campus area, but our roots also stretch into the wider metropolitan area and beyond into the rest of Catalonia.
We are a fundamentally metropolitan university, with seventeen faculties divided across a network of campuses: in the city centre, the Diagonal and Mundet campuses, and in near-lying towns and cities such as Santa Coloma de Gramenet, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí and Badalona. We are also present in other areas of Catalonia, thanks to a series of collaborations with fifteen university hospitals. Our activities are complemented by the work of ten affiliated centres and other research and knowledge transfer facilities.
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The UB in the world

We are a global university, leading and working with prestigious international networks and centres.
Some 130 are represented at the UB, we have more than 3,500 agreements with institutions around the world and 77 active Erasmus+ projects. These alliances offer excellent opportunities for academic andresearch mobility for all of our community. We are a European university, belonging to the European University Association (EUA), and are the only Spanish member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). We also coordinate CHARM-EU, one of the first university alliances aimed at creating a new European university model.

Organization, governance and people

We are a public university with an autonomous, collaborative and decentralized system of governance.
The University's governing bodies are the Senate, which represents the whole of the UB community, and the Governing Council, which defines the institution's policies and actions. Society also plays a role in university governance through the Board of Trustees and the Ombuds Office. We have two consultative bodies, the Advisory Council and the Conference of Deans, as well as the Student Council, formed by student members of the University Senate.
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UB Group

We engage with society on every level and actively promote knowledge transfer.
Among other objectives, we strive to transfer knowledge into society and to offer quality services to companies through which to build synergies between the university and the business sector. We also promote a variety of solidarity initiatives and lifelong learning activities. These are carried out by a group of non-profit organizations under the direction of the University of Barcelona.


We generate culture and project it into the world, drawing on a long-standing tradition and vocation for knowledge.
We understand culture as a whole, encompassing arts, science and heritage. It is a fundamental channel for reaching society and fosters a greater sense of belonging among members of the University's community. We open our doors to all, providing a unique space for social interaction, participation and engagement.
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Our history

We are part of Catalonia's history and Catalan life. One of our goals is to grow and project our heritage as we look to the future.
Founded in 1450, we have witnessed the major political, social and economic events that have shaped the evolution of our country. Our lecture halls have provided a learning space for many leading cultural and scientific figures. We have hosted and paid tribute to distinguished personalities in many fields and have a long-standing ceremonial tradition of awarding honorary doctorates. We are custodians of a rich heritage, taking in monumental structures such as the Historic Building, now over one hundred and fifty years old, and the Güell Pavilions, as well as a unique collection of bibliographic and archival treasures.