Life at the UB

We are an inspiring university, a place to study and enjoy unforgettable experiences.
Barcelona provides the ideal setting for university studies: an open, multicultural, welcoming city; an enterprising spirit and passion for innovation, and a past and present rooted in industrial and artistic excellence. At the UB, we have everything you need for a first-rate academic and human experience. From accommodation and sport to culture and volunteering, the array of possibilities will enable you to learn and grow in every way imaginable.
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Various types of accommodation are offered, allowing you to select the best option for your need

The UB has one university residence, three halls of residence and agreements with six affiliated halls, where in addition to accommodation and catering you will also benefit from the personal, cultural and scientific growth that comes from living alongside your peers. You can also find accommodation in private halls through Barcelona Centre Universitari or sign up to the Viure i Conviure programme, which places students rent-free

with older adults in exchange for their company and basic assistance with everyday tasks.


At the UB, you can practise sport and engage in physical activity in a natural environment within the city that allows you to compete and stay fit.
As part of the UB community, you will have access to unique sports facilities, including 100,000 square metres of open-air facilities in the city, with a stadium, a track, a rugby pitch, natural and artificial turf football pitches, tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, changing rooms, guided activity rooms, a pavilion, a pool and a sun terrace. Practise your favourite sport and socialize at the many competitions held there

Cultural activities

We are particularly active in creating culture, for members of our community and for society as a whole.
The UB is firmly committed to culture. It expresses this commitment through extensive activity in the form of exhibitions and guided tours to share its wealth of culture and heritage; musical performances and concerts; the Virtual Museum, showcasing the UB’s historical heritage; and events to commemorate the work and lives of some of the most important figures in society.
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We channel the awareness of our social responsibility into promoting a culture of equality, integration and solidarity
We advocate the defence of human rights and the culture of peace, social volunteering and development cooperation. We strive to foreground equality and a healthy work-life balance, promoting non-sexist language use and implementing a comprehensive policy to prevent and eradicate gender-based violence. We are firmly committed to offering equal opportunities in academic life to students with specific learning requirements.

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We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of the university community, many of which are also open to companies, institutions and the general public.

You have access to a vast array of services designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. From conversation practice with native speakers of other languages to news on academic events and university life via our institutional television channel, online management of academic

procedures and exclusive product offers and advantages through the UB card.

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