Lifelong learning

UB-specific master’s degrees and postgraduate courses are programmes that provide specialized and advanced knowledge. They are mainly focused on ensuring that the skills and competences acquired in previous studies can be applied to professional work and enable students to specialize or to refocus their professional activity.

In addition, the University of Barcelona offers courses with a more academic objective that provide knowledge for specialization or for comprehensive training and personal progress.
  • UB-specific postgraduate courses can be classified as follows, according to the study load:

    • Master's degree, study load of 60 or more credits.
    • Specialization diploma / Postgraduate diploma, study load of 30 or more credits.
    • Expert course, study load of 15 or more credits.
    • Higher university course, study load of fewer than 15 credits.

    The UB’s faculties and university school, the Institute for Lifelong Learning (IL3-UB) and UB-affiliated centres offer over 400 UB-specific courses each academic year. These courses are wide-ranging and multidisciplinary and are classified into 15 basic subject areas. Face-to-face, distance or blended learning formats are used.

    As a general rule, postgraduate courses are open to university graduates only.

    • In specific cases, however, other students may be admitted, provided that their professional experience or personal circumstances ensure a satisfactory degree of prior knowledge. Students admitted under these conditions will receive a university extension certificate upon completion of their course.
    • Some courses offer the option of conditional enrolment to students enrolled in official degrees in Spain who have completed at least 90% of their total study load. 

    Prospective students should consult the specific admission requirements in the "Objectives and admission" information for their chosen course and contact the management staff if they have any further queries.

    ​​​​​​​Access for international students


    Specific details on how and where to enrol can be obtained from the course management or from the faculty or school at which the course is taught. Contact details can be found in the "Further information" section in the specific course file.

    It is very important to consult the general information on the enrolment process.

    Since UB-specific courses are not publicly funded, fees are set directly by the University of Barcelona. Costs may therefore vary considerably between courses.

    Students enrolled in UB-specific courses may not be eligible for some public grants.

    Information on financial support available through specific agreements with companies or institutions can be obtained from the course management.

    Prospective students should also consult the information on grants and financial aid for UB-specific master's degrees and postgraduate courses and avantatges offered by Alumni UB (in Catalan).

    Loans to cover enrolment fees or other expenses are also available to University of Barcelona students through agreements with a range of financial partners.

    - How to finance the enrolment fee (in Catalan)