Free third-language training for undergraduate students



The University of Barcelona's School of Modern Languages (EIM) has opened the enrolment period for the second semester, which includes courses in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Chinese.

Language certification is increasingly valued and in demand in both the professional and academic worlds. The B2 level in a third language is becoming an essential requirement for students and professionals. For this reason, in 2023, the University of Barcelona will promote the introduction of third language training and certification to the entire UB community.

EIM is a third-language certification centre: it offers the UB own EIM certificate, which is valid in most Catalan, Spanish and international institutions and universities. It also offers Cambridge English and ACLES accreditations, as well as the DELF and DALF diplomas in French and the Goethe Institute's German accreditations. Therefore, it issues certificates that are recognised nationally as well as internationally. Throughout the year, it offers several exams and preparation courses.

Grants and financial aid

The University of Barcelona and the Catalan Government offer undergraduate students grants to cover the cost of English, German, Italian and French courses and exams: the bkUB (for UB undergraduate students) and the PARLA3 grants (for undergraduate students from any university in Catalonia). Both grants are compatible and their combination allows UB students to access a wide range of courses and certification tests free of charge.

In addition, since last September, undergraduate students with a general grant or equity grant awarded in 2021-2022, enjoy up to €600 direct discount on tuition fees. The modality C of the PARLA3 grant allows students on lower incomes to study and be certified at levels A2, B1, B2.1 or B2 with a discount of up to €600 directly at the time of enrolment. For more information, please consult the EIM grant section.

Certificates for university lecturers

All university lecturers who wish to teach in a third language must obtain a certificate attesting to the required level. EIM offers certification calls for UB teachers, which can be consulted on this link.

ECTS credits, payment in instalments and reduced fees for the UB community

The advantages of having the School of Modern Languages at the UB do not end here. There are other advantages, such as the validation of many EIM courses for ECTS academic credits. In addition, the UB community enjoys a reduced fee to make it easier to pay the total cost of the course and there is the option of paying in instalments, with the collaboration of Banc Sabadell. Payment for the course or the test can be paid in three, six, nine or twelve months, interest-free.

The EIM website offers the complete information on all the courses, exams and certificates on offer.