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This section presents the main language indicators available for different areas of university activity (statistical data on languages of instruction and languages of theses), and specific information about the language of instruction for each class group (linguistic transparency).

You can also find information about the languages that are required to access courses offered by the UB.
edifici jeroni granell

Language requirements for students to access bachelor's and master's degrees or at the end of their studies.

Faculty and research staff
Teaching staff at Catalan universities must accredit their level of proficiency in the Catalan language (C1). The Language Services organize courses and exams to obtain the certificate of proficiency in the Catalan language for the PDI.
Administrative and service staff
The positions of administration and services personnel are defined with a linguistic profile of C1 level of Catalan, which in some cases may be higher. This means that it is necessary to have the corresponding linguistic accreditations to access the job position.