Objectives and competences

The course aims to embark on a path based on physical work and the mobilization of experiences; reflect on key concepts in the area of education as well as psychomotricity; explore different expressive languages that allow for the improvement of corporeality, communication and relationships, as well as expanding the number and types of strategies of professional intervention with children. The programme examines education as it is understood in various fields: detection, prevention and learning at schools and care institutions dedicated to caring for the population.

Basic information

TypePostgraduate courses
CertificateAdvanced university course
Faculty or schoolFacultat d'Educació
Branch of knowledge
  • Education sciences
  • Behavioural sciences and psychology
  • Physical activity and sports sciences
Mode of deliveryBlended
Length of course1 academic year
Language(s) of instructionCatalan
Enrolment fee:First year: 420,00 €
An increase of 10% is applied to the price, up to a maximum of € 70, as administration fee
In-company placement(s):No
Classes begin:05/10/2024
Master's degree course homepage www.aecassociacio.org
Open pre-enrolmentYes
Lead to doctoral studiesNo
Admission for applicants not holding a degree qualification:Sí, amb crèdits pendents (10% o menys)

Objectives and competences


- To acquire a framework of reference that will allow for innovating, recreating and using one's own style to better adjust to the professional reality in a reciprocal transformation.
- Rethink strategies for networking with family, school and community environments and between the different actors: educators and students.
- Find ways to relate lived experience, theory and everyday teaching practice in the field of education.
- Be able to help children achieve more harmonious development through their bodies from the perspective of educational, health-related, social or clinical prevention.
- To prepare, work on and care for one's own body and attitude as a means to be able to act in a caring way with others and to contribute to the development of children.

Access and admission

Applicant profile and access requirements

Recommended applicant profile

- People and professionals who care for and support children in their process of overall development and psychological maturation.
- People with related training with or without a university degree.

Access requirements and conditions

The course is also open to students with no prior university education, who will acquire the same knowledge and skills and receive a specific qualification for their learner group. Information on the access requirements and other conditions can be obtained from the course directors.



07/05/2024 04/10/2024

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Address:associacio per l'expressió i la comunicació
Carrer Malgrat 116

08016 - Barcelona
Email address:aec.psicomot@gmail.com
Observations:75 hours of blended learning consisting of face-to-face sessions on weekends and independent work.

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Address:Associació per l'expressió i la comunicació
Carrer Malgrat 116

08016 - Barcelona
Email address:aec.psicomot@gmail.com

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