Objectives and competences

The IoT connects objects that form part of our daily lives without the need for direct interaction with the user. The master's degree offers comprehensive training ranging from the technological foundations to industrial applications. The programme has been designed for professionals interested in leading the implementation of innovative technology solutions in the framework of IoT. It is intended to produce experts with the capacity to manage teams and lead projects, above the level of simple technological implementation, and will provide the skills to apply the potential of the IoT to transform all sectors of industry.

Basic information

TypePostgraduate courses
CertificateLifelong learning master's degree certificate
Faculty or schoolFacultat de Física
Branch of knowledge
  • Electrical engineering, electronic engineering and telecommunications engineering
  • Computer and systems engineering
Mode of deliveryBlended
Length of course1 academic year
Language(s) of instructionCatalan;English;Spanish
Enrolment fee:First year: 5.500,00 €
An increase of 10% is applied to the price, up to a maximum of € 70, as administration fee
In-company placement(s):Yes
Classes begin:14/10/2024
ManagmentLópez de Miguel, Manuel
Open pre-enrolmentNo
Lead to doctoral studiesNo
Admission for applicants not holding a degree qualification:No

Objectives and competences


- To design embedded systems for the IoT (Internet of Things) with objectives focused on low power consumption, connectivity and autonomous operation.
- Know the current solutions of embedded architectures for a IdC i, be able to have a technical impact on their innovation and improvement.
- Know the technological possibilities and limitations of sensors and actuators of physical environmental quantities, with the ability to design new technologies.
- Know the operating systems to manage d'IdC systems.
- Understand and be able to design connectivity in systems integrated by IOT with the different wireless technological proposals.
- Know the different communication protocols for IOT devices.
- Knowing how to design a completely embedded system for IOT knowing how to decide between the different options according to criteria based on the design objectives.
- Knowing how to design control systems for Robots and actuators.
- Knowing how to design systems with machine learning models.
- Know the possibilities of computing through the cloud.
- Knowing how to manage the data obtained with cyber security.
- Know IOT applications in different industrial sectors, being able to design and influence new applications or new sectors.

Access and admission

Applicant profile and access requirements

Recommended applicant profile

- Electronic telecommunications engineers.
- Electronic engineers.
- Computer engineers.

Access requirements and conditions


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