Objectives and competences

The first university master's degree in this specialty in Spain that contains a complete and specific training on this subject favouring maximum professionalism through the updating of knowledge on the applicable legislation and the approach to the most current issues from its different fields of interdisciplinary application, such as, for example, through family mediation or in the management of international adoption.
It is a master's degree with a consolidated trajectory stretching back over 25 years, with a multidisciplinary, international approach and with special attention to childhood and adolescence.

Courses of postgraduate course that integrate the master or postgraduate degree and that can be processed separately

Basic information

TypePostgraduate courses
CertificateLifelong learning master's degree certificate
Faculty or schoolFacultat de Dret
Branch of knowledge
  • Law and legal specializations
  • Social sciences, social work, industrial relations and human resources, sociology, political science and international relations
  • Interdisciplinary
Mode of deliveryFace-to-face
Length of course1 academic year
Language(s) of instructionCatalan;Spanish
Enrolment fee:First year: 1.800,00 €
An increase of 10% is applied to the price, up to a maximum of € 70, as administration fee
In-company placement(s):No
Classes begin:15/10/2023
Master's degree course homepage http://www.ub.edu/masterfamilia
ManagmentSatorras Fioretti, Rosa Maria
Open pre-enrolmentNo
Lead to doctoral studiesNo
Admission for applicants not holding a degree qualification:Sí, amb crèdits pendents (10% o menys)

Objectives and competences


Through a theoretical and practical methodology, gain the qualification of expert in the relevant regulations and resources that should be used in legislating family and new models of cohabitation law, and in care for children, adolescents and people with special needs.

Access and admission

Applicant profile and access requirements

Recommended applicant profile

- University graduates in law, psychology, education, social work, social education, labour relations, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, etc.
- Civil servants or applicants involved in family relations and childcare, adolescent care and assistance for individuals with special needs.

Access requirements and conditions


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Address:Facultat de Dret
Av. Diagonal, 684
Despatx 120
08034 - Barcelona
Email address:carlosvillagrasa@ub.edu

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Address:Carlos Villagrasa Alcaide
Av. Diagonal, 684, desp. 325
Despatx A304
08034 - Barcelona
Email address:carlosvillagrasa@ub.edu