Objectives and competences

The master's degree in Contemporary Art: Context, Mediation and Management focuses on the acquisition of real experience and tools to solve the new challenges demanded by the current professional context. In terms of context, you will see how various agents interact, how globalization affects art and the use of various media. In terms of professionalisation, you will acquire practical and professional knowledge, from legal knowledge of copyright to branding or communication. You will solve real situations with the support of teachers from different fields of art and reference professionals.

Courses of postgraduate course that integrate the master or postgraduate degree and that can be processed separately

Basic information

TypePostgraduate courses
CertificateLifelong learning master's degree certificate
Faculty or schoolInstitut de Formació Contínua IL3
Branch of knowledge
  • History of art and artistic expression, and fine arts
Mode of deliveryDistance
Length of course1 academic year
Language(s) of instructionSpanish
Enrolment fee:First year: 6.865,00 €
An increase of 10% is applied to the price, up to a maximum of € 70, as administration fee
In-company placement(s):No
Classes begin:17/10/2023
Master's degree course homepage http://www.il3.ub.edu/ca/master/master-art-actual.html
ManagmentBadia , Montse
Open pre-enrolmentNo
Lead to doctoral studiesNo
Admission for applicants not holding a degree qualification:Sí, amb crèdits pendents (10% o menys)

Objectives and competences


- To learn how to identify the agents involved in the art world.
- To review professional art spaces, their roles and fusions between them.
- Learn about the specificity of contemporary art projects (specific research context, field of work, practical and professional applications).
- To understand the complexity of contemporary art production through analysing the major movements, artists and contexts from the 1970s to the present day.
- To analyse art today: trends, creative contexts, the new global situation, art centres, galleries, fairs, events, and the role of the artist and art criticism.
- To deepen knowledge of the theoretical tools for building a collection: discourse, context, exposition and relationship between works and artists.
- To understand the practical considerations that have a bearing on the management of contemporary art: the art market; sponsorship and patronage, cultural and promotional policies, brand communication and branding, tax regimes and legislation on art.

Access and admission

Applicant profile and access requirements

Recommended applicant profile

Applicants wishing to develop their professional careers in contemporary art management and analysis of contemporary art, particularly cultural managers, art and heritage collections managers, historians, teachers, collectors, gallery directors, investment advisor, museum technicians, curators, restorers, critics, patrons or journalists.

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Telephone:93 403 96 96
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Address:Institut de Formació Contínua - UB
C/ Ciutat de Granada 131

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