We are a research-intensive university, achieving significant international impact across all branches of knowledge.
We provide a singular environment for quality, innovative cross-disciplinary research and for the transfer of research results to society. More than 6000 teachers and researchers work in the different branches of knowledge: health sciences, experimental sciences, engineering, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

Their research is carried out across sixteen faculties, some three-hundred recognised research groups by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the UB and affiliated research institutes and centres, some of which are certified Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu Units of Excellence. The European Commission has acknowledged the respect for equal opportunities and the capacity to attract talent in a positive working environment with the HRS4R accreditation, and we are members of the League of European Research Universities (LERU).
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Research at the UB

We are the leading producer of scientific output in Spain, attracting researchers at the forefront of their disciplines.
Our research generates significant social and economic impact on a local, national and international scale, as illustrated by our ranking positions, and our research staff are among the world's most highly cited, according to Clarivate Analytics. This ecosystem of resources and facilities is crucial to attracting research talent. The training of our future research professionals culminates in the submission of some eight hundred doctoral theses each year, ensuring that the highest levels of research are maintained. Also, the University has five university hospitals and twelve associated hospitals, and, in addition, makes the Scientific and Technological Centers of the UB available for research.
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Research figures

We lead the way in securing funding for research, infrastructure and innovation under national and European programmes.
In 2020 we secured close to one hundred and forty million euros for research and are currently overseeing some one thousand active research projects. Under the last European research programme, Horizon 2020, we increased funding by 45% with respect to the previous edition. We are a major pole of talent attraction, as reflected in the thirty-eight Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions and twenty-three European Research Council projects under which funded researchers have chosen to come to the UB.

Science communication

The knowledge we generate is transferred to society to enhance wellbeing and drive social progress.
We aim to reach the broadest possible audience, spanning all of the age groups, and run an extensive programme of activities under the initiative La UB Divulga to explain how science works and how the results are used. The UB community is home to a broad network of people involved in science communication across institutional channels, through our social network profiles, and in the media. We promote science from the ground up, engaging directly with our future students by providing support and awards schemes to schools.

Open science

We are committed to open science, to working in a more collaborative and transparent way that makes our research accessible to all.
The UB is a pioneer in this area, having introduced an open-access mandate in 2011. Today, some 60% of its research output is published in open access. The European Commission has placed open science on the global agenda. As a member of LERU, we are involved in drafting recommendations for the European arena. This new model also encompasses social engagement in university-led scientific advances through participation in civic science projects.
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Ethics and integrity

We undertake to carry out quality research in an environment of equal opportunities and good practices.
The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity is rooted in the fundamental principles of reliability, honesty, respect and responsibility, and we have adopted these principles as our own. The UB's Code of Conduct for Research Integrity underpins our approach to science and applies to everyone who works within our research structures. Four specific ethics committees ensure that experimental design and animal testing activities comply with all applicable norms and regulations.

The UB's research in the world

Our research is global, carried out within the framework of the major international networks and research infrastructures.
We lead the main university rankings for research and employment and are represented in all major local, national and European research networks, enabling us to build synergies for the advancement of knowledge. Thanks to this status we have made significant achievements, such as hosting a node of the EIT Health network and providing one of the core teams for the European Space Agency's GAIA project.

Work at the UB

If you are looking to embark on a quality professional career, we offer the best possible environment and invite you to form part of our community.
At the UB we offer almost fifty doctoral programmes and access to the best university research institutes and research groups for beginning your research career. To deliver on our commitment to quality and to provide a safe and stable working environment, we accompany you throughout your studies, offering a range of welcome programmes, mobility options and support and updated information to obtain funding for research. Our location, the city of Barcelona, ​​and our facilities are a unique environment for you to develop your career.