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Entrega del premi a la carpeta UB 2023-2024

La proposta guanyadora ha estat «UB i més», de Laia Cebollero.


Webcasting of the open days on the internet

The UB's tiktokers will take part in it.

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Tuberculosis: Why is it still a public health problem?

In this episode of #Aborddelbeagle, expert Ignasi Madrid, from the Medicines Development Service of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences of the University of Barcelona, ​​highlights the impact that tuberculosis still has around the world.

The UB, distinguished in 40 disciplines

The QS by Subject rankings list the UB among the top 100 universities worldwide in 22 subjects.

Nitric oxide and insulin resistance

Researchers identify a molecular mechanism involved in the development of type 2 diabetes.


Fifteen hundred lecturers get the Catalan accreditation in less than a year

The UB makes an important effort to guarantee the presence of Catalan among the teaching and research staff.

Fibre intake and cognitive impairment

Fibre intake associated with a lower risk of cognitive impairment in older people with the APOE-ε4 genotype.


3-Minute Thesis

Doctoral Student Irene Ferri, from the doctoral program in Physics, will represent the University of Barcelona in the Coimbra Group’s competition, the “3-Minute Thesis”.

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