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The University of Barcelona leads the fight against transphobia with a week of transformative activities

A pioneering report and enriching debates mark the commemoration of the International Day Against LGTBphobia.


The Historic Building, seen from a gender perspective

On the occasion of International Museum Day, the UB presents a feminist visit to its most emblematic museum.


UB research identifies how genetic mutations cause two types of hereditary blindness

The study describes how mutations in the NR2E3 gene cause the death of photoreceptor cells involved in vision and opens the door to potential treatments.


Heat Chronicles

A project led by the UB’s OpenSystems research group is promoting citizen participation to identify the public spaces that are most affected by episodes of extreme heat and to recommend strategies to improve the well-being of the neighbourhood.


The UB launches the 1st Maria Sabater Videopodcast Competition

Opportunity for students to create and produce self-managed content.


New biomarker to diagnose Alzheimer’s in asymptomatic stages of the disease

The study opens the door to early detection of Alzheimer’s disease from blood samples in asymptomatic stages of the disease and will enable its diagnosis and treatment.


The Medicine Campus opens its doors to the public

The initiative, co-organised by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, aims to explain, on Saturday 11 May, the teaching, care and research activities carried out on the campus.

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