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Reducing marine megafauna bycatch

The UB is leading a Horizon Europe programme project to protect marine biodiversity and enhance the sustainability of European long-distance fisheries.


The UB expands and consolidates the healthcare institution network for excellent teaching and research in health

This year, agreements with Hospital de Barcelona, the Health Consortium of Alt Penedès i Garraf, the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu and the Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili have been signed.

El I Congrés de Literatura Catalana de la Postmodernitat s’estrena amb una mirada cap als anys seixanta

En la conferència inaugural, Jordi Coca, Francesc Parcerisas i Carme Riera van recordar els seus inicis com a escriptors durant el tardofranquisme.


The UB pays tribute to Albert Cornet on the first anniversary of his death

The university community will thus remember Professor Cornet’s commitment to teaching innovation. In 2021, he received the Board of Trustees Award for teaching quality for his career.


Electoral campaign in the UB social networks

Eugeni Graugés and Joan Guàrdia, candidates for the post of Rector of the University, will explain their programme through the institutional accounts.


Researchers identify key protein for healthy ageing

A study reveals the role of alterations in immune system cells in ageing-related processes.


The light of solidarity lights up the Historic Building this Christmas

This year, the University of Barcelona collaborates with the community project #RavalKm0, which offers training and work-related opportunities to the neighbours of Raval.


Alliance of public universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area

The Barcelona Knowledge Alliance will bring together the efforts of the UB, the UAB, the UPC and the UPF to promote a common innovation and knowledge strategy.

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