Guidelines for international / national new staff at the UB

Welcome to the UB. Here you will find useful information that will help you to engage positively with our community and the city of Barcelona. In this section, you will find information about the procedures and documentation required by official bodies.

Administrative procedures

As newly contracted International teaching and research staff, you can check the procedures that apply to incoming teaching staff from the European Union and non-European countries that arrive to work and live in Barcelona. These requirements ensure compliance with Spanish immigration law.

Employment and funding opportunities

The website EURAXESS is part of a European Commission initiative to contribute to researcher mobility. On the Spain and Catalonia subsites, you will find information on employment and funding opportunities and on the administrative procedures that apply to research staff and their families when they move to another European country.

Viure a Barcelona

Barcelona City Council offers two websites with up-to-date, helpful information about living in the city. You can find information and assistance about procedures related to the validation of studies, access to Public Health or even practical advice on daily life or activities for you and your family.