Objectives and competences

The postgraduate programme prepares students to understand the data processes necessary to obtain information and, with this information and through the right questions, to be able to define business strategies and propose solutions to detected business problems. In addition to be being able to participate in any marketing intelligence project from the definition to the activation phase, students will be capable of promoting and managing such projects. By the end of the course, students will be able to prepare datasets, process them, define metrics and KPIs, create dashboards and interpret their results to add value.

Basic information

TypePostgraduate courses
CertificateSpecialization diploma
Faculty or schoolInstitut de Formació Contínua IL3
Branch of knowledge
  • Economic sciences, business administration and management, marketing, commerce, accounting and tourism
Mode of deliveryFace-to-face
Length of course1 academic year
Language(s) of instructionSpanish
Enrolment fee:First year: 4.830,00 €
An increase of 10% is applied to the price, up to a maximum of € 70, as administration fee
In-company placement(s):No
Classes begin:22/10/2024
Master's degree course homepage https://www.il3.ub.edu/postgrado-business-data-analytics-marketing-intelligence
ManagmentGiner Pérez, Cristina
Open pre-enrolmentNo
Lead to doctoral studiesNo
Admission for applicants not holding a degree qualification:Sí, amb crèdits pendents (10% o menys)

Objectives and competences


- Understand the data available to the company and how to enrich them using other sources.
-To construct a data matrix considering the RGPD regulations and know how to analyse it.
- Define metrics and KPIs to analyse and interpret data, learn modelling techniques and thus measure business objectives.
- To know how to define the presentation of reports and construct a balanced scorecard to monitor key metrics and indicators of performance.
- To understand data as a channel for resolving problems and taking decisions from the perspective of marketing, considering RGPD regulations.
- To be able to identify relevant data based on key performance indicators to obtain business intelligence.
- To understand the data in CRM, eCommerce, a marketing campaign and in Social Media Listening to understand consumer behaviour.
-To know how to present results of data obtained through visualisation to establish proposals for action.

Access and admission

Applicant profile and access requirements

Recommended applicant profile

Professionals working in areas in which decision-making is vital to analyse the business, and who need to create a business improvement programme. These profiles will use data to identify problems and determine solutions. Possible professional areas are:
- Marketing department (managers, technicians and marketing assistants, product directors, project managers and people in CRM positions).
- Communication (journalists, brand managers, social, community and content managers, advertising professionals).
- Sales (key account managers, sales directors).
- Managers or directors of SMEs who need to work with data and learn to interpret them as a basis for decision-making.
- Market research consultants or managers.
- People in the area of human resources, who make an increasing number of business and marketing decisions on employees as consumers of their construction of the employer brand.

Access requirements (knowledge of Excel):
- Understand the basic operation of the program: cells, rows and columns.
To order and filter values.
To create basic statistical formulae (averages, percentages, quartiles, percentiles...).
- Functions of data management (CONCATENAR, BUSCARV, etc.).
- To learn to create graphs.
- To learn to create dynamic tables.

If the student considers that they do not have this knowledge, the postgraduate course will include a 5-hour training session on Excel (shared with students from the expert course) at the start of the programme.

Attendance of this session is optional. After this session, students will be responsible for gaining the knowledge they need to continue.

Access requirements and conditions

The course is also open to students with no prior university education, who will acquire the same knowledge and skills and receive a specific qualification for their learner group. Information on the access requirements and other conditions can be obtained from the course directors.


Contact us

Faculty or school where the course is taught

Address:Institut de Formació Contínua - UB
C/ Ciutat de Granada, 131

08018 - Barcelona
Email address:info@il3.ub.edu
Telephone:93 309 36 54
Observations:Tuesday and Thursday, from 6.45 to 9.45 p.m. and four Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m, during the postgraduate course. This is a face-to-face programme but it includes the possibility of some students attending sessions remotely.

For further enquiries

Address:Institut de Formació Contínua - UB
C/ Ciutat de Granada, 131

08018 - Barcelona
Email address:info@il3.ub.edu
Telephone:93 403 96 96
Observations:Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.