Basic information

TypeBachelor's degrees
Faculty or schoolSant Joan de Déu Teaching Campus - Private Foundation (affiliated centre)
Branch of knowledgeHealth Sciences
Length of course4 academic years
Approximate price per credit99,41€ €
Compulsory placementsYes
Course detailsIndicators

Objectives and competences


What you will learn The EHEA bachelor's degree in Nursing provides students with a generalist qualification comprising scientific and personal training, and enables them to develop a critical, reflective and humanist approach to the nursing profession. Students will acquire the skills to identify and assess the health needs of individual patients, families and members of the local community, and the practical experience to attend to these. In the task of developing personal potential, promoting health, preventing illness and providing treatment, nursing professionals need to work side by side with other health care personnel in the planning, organization, management and assessment of a variety of professional areas. For this reason, the degree in Nursing aims to provide students with the following skills and competences: -knowledge of nursing science and of health, human and social sciences so as to effectively attend to patients' needs and to the needs of families, social groups and the community at large; -professional skills in the application of protocols and procedures for treatment; -interpersonal skills in the development of positive relationships with patients, patients' families and other health care personnel; -good practices and the ability to ground professional activity in ethical principles respecting individuals' values, rights and personal dignity; -analytical skills and the ability to reflect and extrapolate, applying scientific methodology and findings to decision-taking in treatment and care. Through the completion of placements in health care centres, the student will have the opportunity to put in practice the classroom learning and skills he or she has acquired and will also gain experience of different professional contexts. Finally, upon successful completion of the degree, students may either begin professional practice or go on to postgraduate studies. Number of ECTS credits: 240 Branch of knowledge: Health Sciences Faculty or school: Sant Joan de Déu University School of Nursing (EUI Sant Joan de Déu) (UB-affiliated)


Access and admission

Applicant profile and access requirements

Recommended applicant profile

What you will need Language competence in Catalan, Spanish and one other language, preferably English. Basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. IT skills at a user level. The potential to develop skills and techniques in the following learning areas: 1) learner autonomy; 2) teamwork; 3) analysis and summary; 4) leadership; 5) reading of complex scientific texts; 6) time management; 7) information retrieval. The potential to develop the following professional attitudes: 1) motivation to set and attain learning objectives; 2) interest in processes of lifelong learning; 3) interest in community health and hygiene and responsibility in personal health; 4) interest in working in groups and teams; 5) ability to adapt to unfamiliar contexts.

Access requirements and conditions

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain.

Applicants holding higher educational qualifications from a university outside Spain should consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications to find out about specific admission requirements.


Students that have studied abroad and who wish to study at the University of Barcelona may be admitted to EHEA bachelor's degree courses. Procedures for gaining admission will depend on the qualifications held by each applicant.

For further information about admission, consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications.


As a general rule, at the UB you will be required to enrol online via the Món UB portal. To find out the date and time you have been assigned, check the specific information for your course. Remember that you can lose your place if you do not enrol on the day you have been assigned.

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Course curriculum

Subjects and course plans

Distribution of credits

Basic training 60
Compulsory 84
Optional 6
Compulsory placements 84
Compulsory final project 6

List of subjects

Subject Language Type Credits
Applied Social Psychology in Health Basic training 9
Pathophysiology. Diagnostic Imaging Basic training 15
Principles of History, Theory and Methodology Compulsory 12
Human Anatomy Basic training 6
Physiology Basic training 6
Biochemistry and Nutrition Basic training 6
Public Health Nursing and Community Nursing Compulsory 6
Subject Language Type Credits
Clinical Nursing II Compulsory 9
Community Nursing Compulsory 9
Hospital placement II Practices 24
Hospital placement III Practices 18
Subject Language Type Credits
Child and Adolescent Nursing Compulsory 6
Final project Compulsory final project 6
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Compulsory 6
Reproductive Health Nursing Compulsory 6
Practicum Practices 30

Previous years


Placements are supervised by tutors and subject to assessment.They are therefore included in the academic record.  There is also an option to complete non-curricular placements of up to 500 hours, which can be extended to 900 hours. For both curricular and non-curricular placements, an educational cooperation agreement is signed between the UB and the company, institution or other organization at which the placement will be carried out.

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State-regulated nursing.

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