The training provided by this double degree course qualifies graduates to work in both early childhood and primary education. Teachers trained in this programme can plan and act in an inclusive, global way, taking into account aspects of continuity and progress. 

The double degree in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education at the University of Barcelona grew out of the Faculty of Teacher Training's desire to innovate and adapt its qualifications to the demands of today's social and educational reality. In today's schools, teachers must have a firm and sufficiently in-depth grasp of both the psychological, educational, social, didactic and disciplinary bases for and the curricula of both educational stages in order to enable smoother transitions and individual and collective adaptations to the real contexts of diversity, multiculturalism and multilingualism found at schools. The programme provides training in suitable teaching methodologies for children of these ages and teaches students how to develop curricular projects adapted to schools' characteristics and needs. It likewise provides knowledge and abilities to help students develop the necessary capabilities and attitudes to attain the level of maturity required to take on the responsibilities of a teacher. 

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