UB Socio-sports meetings for students and refugees

These meetings are part of the UB ‘COMMUNITY’ project, which aims to promote he social inclusion of refugees in Barcelona through physical activity and sports.
06/09/23 - 20/12/23 | 16:00

Do you want to be part of a fun and enriching experience while excercising and meeting people? We invite you to the UB Socio-sports meetings for refugees, students and volunteers!
​​​​​​​The aim is for participants to have fun while playing sports to promote refugees' social inclusion ​​​​​​while we improve the social cohesion of the city and work on issues such as racism or prejudices.

​​​​​​​The meetings are free and a fun way to meet our cultures and join our communities through sports and physical activity.
​​​​​​​These are aimed at refugees, students, volunteers and professionals from the social, shelter, education, pedagogy, psychology and sports fields.

Although they are free, there is room capacity. You can register via this link.

Sports unite us! Sports to live and sports to coexist!
Perquè l’esport ens uneix! Sport for living, sport for living together!

CEM Can Ricart (c/ Sant Oleguer, 10)
Organized by:
‘COMMUNITY’ Project - UB Faculty of Education