The Historical Building of the University of Barcelona: 150 years in pictures

expo fotos
14/03/23 - 21/07/23 | 19:00

The exhibition of the 150 years of the Historical Building, curated by the technical team of the Vice-rector's Office of Heritage and Cultural Activities, offers a wide and representative range of photographs of the and the most emblematic rooms and spaces of this building.

The pictures come from both photograph files —including the Historical Archive of the UB— and the citizens, who responded enthusiastically to the call to bring photographs. The photograph selection responds to the will to offer a chronological read of each room over the last 150 years, considering the historical and testimonial meaning of each photograph. 

The exhibition is structured into modules, each of them showing images of a specific room or space: the facade; the main hall; the Rector's Office upper landing and the stairway of honour; the boardroom; the gallery with the rectors' portraits; the rector's office; the Aula Magna; the Paranimph; the courtyards (Letters and Sciences); the offices, the room Ramón y Cajal; the rooms and laboratories; the Chapel, the former cafeteria; the Ferran Soldevila garden and the Library.

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Historical Building, several locations (until 21st July)
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