New edition of the course Nature Photography III: Specialized techniques (advanced night photography with conventional cameras)

This course is aimed at anyone interested in nature photography, with a good knowledge of the basics of photography, who wants to learn the different techniques to capture the essence of the night and combine it with our landscapes.
10/10/23 - 24/10/23
Academical : Divulgation

Discover the special characteristics of night photography and acquire the most appropriate knowledge to capture the most amazing images. This is the proposal of the new edition of this course, organized by the Animal Biodiversity Resource Center of the UB (CRBA), which opens a lot of creative possibilities in taking pictures at night.

The course will be given by the naturalist photographer Francesc Muntada, and registration can be managed online from the CRBA website.

As in previous editions, the course includes practical outings to explore the options of night photography and apply all the techniques studied.

The deadline for registration is October 10.

Animal Biodiversity Resource Center (CRBA)
Organized by:
Animal Biodiversity Resource Center (CRBA)