The UB and International Women's Day

The UB and International Women's Day
01/03/23 - 31/03/23
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To commemorate International Women's Day, several UB faculties and equality committees have organized various events to reflect on feminism, inequalities and sexism from different points of view. The activities will take place throughout the month of March, and here is a brief summary of each of them:

The Equality Commission of the Faculties of Philosophy and Geography and History present a roundtable on

Functional diversity: education and growing up.

The Equality Commission of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, together with other entities, is organising the roundtabl "Women and Science. Life Journeys".

The Equality Committee of the Faculty of Physics offers an extensive programme featuring its own project, the Laboratory Visits and the conference "Gender Perspective in Knowledge Creation".

The Equality Commission of the Faculty of Law and the Seminar for Feminist Analysis of Law and Politics are organising the event Debates on current legislative debates on gender equality.

The Equality Committee of Philology and Communication hosts a talk on new female directors in Spanish cinema.

The Equality Committee of the Faculty of Education organises the conference "It's not you, it's the gender".

The CRAI Biology Library presents the exhibition "Defenders of Nature".

The Mathematics and Computer Science Assembly, the Network of Women in Computer Science and the Equality Committee of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information organised a session with talks.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science presents a bibliographic exhibition featuring some of the women who have played an important role in the development of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The CRAI Bellvitge Campus Library organises the exhibition "Free and without fear".

EUROM and UB Solidarity premiere the short film Davant el dolor dels altres.

The CRAI Library of Fine Arts presents the exhibition "Villuendas + Gómez".

The Psychology Equality Commission has organised the roundtable discussion "Women, psychology and sports. Challenges faced by elite sportswomen".

The CRAI Library of Philosophy, Geography and History has prepared a bibliographic selection of monographs in which women are the protagonists, either as authors or as the main character of the book.

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