2nd AEDEN National Conference: "The new challenges of security in the energy transition"

2nd AEDEN National Conference:
08/06/23 - 09/06/23 | 10:30

This conference aims to be a space to reflect on the factors that affect the definition, construction and evolution of Spanish and European energy law, starting with the new legislative package on clean energy, the fundamental regulatory basis of the Energy Union project.

The reference to the Community legal system responds to its growing importance in the energy sector. European law is integrated into national law, thus creating an area of harmonized —if not uniform— regulation in which there must also be common regulatory principles and institutions, which are desirable.
The European Union's new energy model offers numerous new legal developments that need to be identified, studied and interpreted in order to accommodate and facilitate the development of national energy systems.

Pompeu Fabra University
Organized by:
Spanish Association of Energy Law (AEDEN)