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The Opinion Group of the Observatory of Bioethics and Law of the University of Barcelona warns about the selection of human embryos by polygenic risk calculation

They state that there is a market for services in assisted reproduction that “covertly favours eugenics, playing with the expectations and concerns of individuals and couples”.


The University of Barcelona organises an international conference on witch-hunting, as part of the Dansàneu festival

It will take place in Barcelona and Esterri d'Àneu from 4 to 6 July.


Improving statistical methods to protect wildlife populations

A study by the UB Conservation Biology Team and IRBio warns that the current methodology for calculating population changes in wildlife at risk needs to be improved in order to increase their survival in the future.


How to evaluate research carried out in universities?

The League of European Research Universities reflects on the need for new metrics to measure research activity in higher education institutions.

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The entire University of Barcelona calls for peace

The Governing Council assumes the Senate's commitments to Palestine.


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Magalí Garrell analyses (counter)narratives of sexual violence

What impact does what we think about sexual violence have on the identity and body of the people who have suffered it? We invite Magalí Garrell Ferrando, winner of the 1st Rosalind Franklin Award for the best Master's thesis on gender perspective, to talk about it. She tells us about the whole process of her study, titled “'This made me a feminist'. (Counter)narratives around sexual violence and subjective and social transformation in women survivors”, and the lessons she has learned from it.
Magalí Garrell Ferrando

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